Reelect Dick Cohen



Dick writes about the PCAH in Oct. 2016

Nationally, I am proud of being one of the original members of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (appointed by President Obama in 2009 and one of only eight of the 37 members not from New York, Washington D.C., or Los Angeles). The signature program of the Committee, the Turnaround Arts program, is the single best achievement gap program I have seen. I was able to secure the participation of four Minnesota schools as a part of Phase II.

See Turnaround Arts for more on this public-private partnership.

Dick’s Oct. 2016 Reflection

During this past term I believe that my leadership has been of benefit not only to our district but to the state of Minnesota. As chairman of the Senate Finance Committee I have helped lead the effort to finally secure a structurally balanced budget. In particular, Sen. Rod Skoe and I authored the successful effort to place one third of any budget surplus into the budget reserve which has helped Minnesota regain its AAA bond rating.

Among the particular successes has been my authorship of the financial support to begin the revitalization of the University of Minnesota medical school, the establishment of the Housing Support bill (SF 3167) to secure more affordable housing, and my chairmanship of the Legacy Subcommittee has allowed the continued support for clean water, conservation, the arts, and parks and trails. This year my supplemental finance bill was the only major bill passed and signed into law by the Governor.

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