Dear Friend:

Thank you for your support during the primary season! I am writing to ask for your support for my re-election.

During my years representing you in the Minnesota State Senate, I think I have been one of the more progressive voices in the Senate on issues of choice for women, civil rights for everyone, and this year especially the GLBT community in our state, progressive taxation, gun control legislation, strong protection for our environment, and enhancement of our arts and cultural life.

For 8 years, as chair of the Senate Finance Committee, I was the voice in opposition to the regressive Pawlenty budget, and this year I was the Senate lead in support of Governor Dayton’s efforts to bring about a smart budget for our schools and higher education system. If re-elected and the DFL returns to the majority, I expect that I will return to chairmanship and lead the charge to help Governor Dayton finally bring to Minnesota a budget that works not only for a select few, but for all Minnesotans.

Please fell free to contact me through the website or call me at 651-699-4476. And please don’t forget to Vote on November 6th. Thank you.